Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (purpose)

("clause" below) is my business and these terms and conditions on the issues, provide for the purpose.

(such as the effect of these terms and conditions) Article 2

1.Agreement is, it will publish and agree, which went into effect by the opposition.Announcement of these terms and conditions in our business posting on http://www.COMPANY.com homepage, run way.
2.My business is not violating the laws such as laws regarding the regulation of terms and conditions, within the confines of the Agreement, as amended.
3.Specifying the cause the date of entry into force in our revised terms and conditions and business enterprises and amend our seven days before the entry into the company website operating in the notice.
4.Valid application for a member of the existing terms and conditions that are informed of changes in paragraph 3 of ways.

Article 3 (definition of terms)

1.Authority:Member of registers as a member of the company by providing information, personal information in the company speak to those receiving services provided.
2.Membership : The company is providing information after a minor procedure to provide personal information or corporate registration means the act in the membership.
3.Membership Withdrawal : The company or speak to cancel the agreement on using the service members.
4.ID : identification and a member of the member's service members selected by member and for the company granted by the English alphabet and a combination of numbers.
5.Password : same member is required to verify the ID given member designated member to protect the privacy of the member, the English alphabet and numbers Says the union.
6.User : The company is delivering on its homepage is a person who use the service.

Article 4 (membership and qualifications)

1.Fill up our member companies are on the prescribed form information then registered as members by applying the membership.
2.As we are renewing in some cases to no longer falls under any of the following : not admit membership or to deprive a member.
Somewhere in event of an application for admission by using another person's name
Clean the application write poetry an essential under false matters
③ the violation of relevant laws, if such acts or apply for purpose
④ or apply for public purposes to undermine social order or if such behaviour
Put another one and preclude the use of our business cases threatening the electronic transaction order that information theft
3.Our companies are deprived of his membership cases, member registration is cancelled.In this case, advance notice to the member by the opportunity to present prima facie evidences.

Article 5 (acquisition and use of personal data)

1.Our company privacy policy was enacted to implement and comply with the Act on the acquisition and use and protection of personal information.Privacy policy post is located at the bottom of the regular website.
2.Korean businesses seen personal information provided by the customer service can not be used for purposes other than.
3.Our corporate customers personal information provided can not be provided to third parties without prior consent from customers.However, and then make an exception applicable to each paragraph.
Somewhere in the domain name is provided by search services
Keep heating the Telecommunications Framework Act cases stipulated in the request of state institutions by relevant laws,
③ the rhetorical purpose of crime or if the request of the Information Communication Ethics Committee
If using a (name, address, telephone number.) of the member for a flagon of occupational contact information
If you allowed to share some information wanted with matters related banking
Observe the NSO, academic research, academic research or for market research as the case of the provided in the form that can not identify a specific customer

Article 6 (fare and toll information)

1.Our service is provided in cash, credit cards and users can use them as accumulated deposit.
2.Deposit fund.
Somewhere in deposit can accumulate in cash and credit card payment.
Charging at least they charge anywhere from 1,000 won the first inning, ② Development of deposit.
In accordance with the accrual method of deposits, and ③ Development of the company operating policy subject to change without notice.
④ member's case his self-imposed exile, a member deposit balance is to have this agreement, Article 6, paragraph 3 (deposit refund) in accordance with the provisions will be refunded, and without refund On the policy on handling personally identifiable information you can have its withdrawal from membership payment specified period expires, storage of goods and other personal information regarding the supply of and after lapse in it.
3.Deposit refund
Somewhere a member at any time service contract termination in accordance with clause (refund) can do.
Keep heating the termination procedures, and a refund of fees are subject to provisions below.
Go.Termination : termination procedure (refund) (refund) (refund) through the "Customer Service" termination of the Members who want companies why member shall directly inform the company, (rebate application) application for revocation for it in person.
Me.How to : fees refunded after screening the company for a refund (termination) reasons, refunded fees to the members as reason for the (termination) worth of gold held by the account of the member to recharge Repayment in methods for you or the company a small responsibility of the compensation I compensate you or the amount calculated according to terms and conditions and providing the benefits of the client cash deposits Ways to you by a refund.
Da.Consumer injury compensation using the Internet published in the Ministry of Finance and Economy in deposit balances, an < > (10 percent of the total fees) prescribed penalty award and deducts the transfer fees, fees pg A fee by a refund you the balance.

(point the relevant provisions) Article 7

1.What point is, money that can be used like cash in the concept of points that can be used for service concepts.However, tax statement for the issue and not be repayment in cash.
2.Accumulate points through the payment or to accumulate through participating in various events.
3.Accumulated points are valid for two years, and two years lapse after.
Application examples : Available until 31 July 2011 of 31st July 2009 (midnight on August 1, 2011, automatic extinction)
4.The member to the point when our companies, evidence of unlawful acquisition of the member's reserves without advance notice may be deleted and its membership is in relation to this one, Restricting.
5.Balance reserves of members, regardless of whether or not expired when one's membership or membership loss and can not transfer to others.

Article 8 (Membership Withdrawal)

1.The member may request the withdrawal at any time in Korean businesses, and Korean businesses are immediately deal with one's membership.
2.Member of the service of our company iyongjung the deadline was not yet passed not handle the withdrawal of our company :

Article 9 (a notice of the members)

1.My business is apprised of the member or member is if companies submitted to the e-mail address can do.
2.Our company a notice of the unspecified majority by the members of Korean businesses more than a week can instead posts the individual notices as posting on the bulletin board.

Article 10 (duty of our business)

1.Continue in accordance with our company has stipulated that this agreement and will do its best to provide stable services.
2.My business is always for personal information, including registration information, administrative, technical safety procedures should try to do best in information security.
3.Korean businesses is fair and do my best to maintain order and e-commerce through the continuous sound operation by providing quality service through research and development Contribute to the development of Internet business by maximizing customer satisfaction.
4.Our corporate customers about any inconvenience and problems arising from judged to be given priority in the matter be dealt with immediately justified.However, rapid treatment, immediately notify the customer to take care of the cause for the delay and, if troubles.
5.My business is consumer protection groups and consumer protection requirements of the data required for propulsion of active cooperation of public institutions.

Article 11 (If the member's duty)

1.The responsibility of every official on the relevant member to ID and password.
2.The member ID or password can know a third party has to let.
3.The member shall comply with prescribed in law and by this agreement.

Article 12 (To address the)

In these terms and conditions or individual agreement does not specify the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce is about, Telecommunications Business Act, Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, And statues of the relevant laws, regulations on electronic commerce in consumer protection, pursuant to established practice

Article 13 (competent court)

This Agreement and services related dispute about the lawsuit in the court has jurisdiction over the area where the company's headquarters.

< Schedule >

Article 1 (the date of entry into force)
These terms were revised on March 10, 2008.
This Agreement is implemented from March 17, 2008.
The terms and conditions are revised on January 15, 2009.
This Agreement is implemented from January 22nd, 2009.
These terms were revised on 2 July 2009.
This Agreement is implemented from July 9th, 2009.