Privacy Policy

The customer's personal information is important to our businesses, and "Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection" to comply with the Act on.
My business is personal information handling policy through the customer gave you to provide personal information has any applications and methods used in the region and to care for privacy protections We'll let me know if you and measures are taken.

My business is personal information handling will made known through the (or individual notice) website to revise the policy announcement.

ο this policy is conducted : from OOO in OOO, OOO.

Chapter 1 personal information collected items

Application for membership, counseling, our companies and so on down to collect personal information such as.
1.Collection items : name, passwords, passwords, and a home phone, email, mobile telephone number, e-mail address, company name and service records, cookies, access, cookies, For the bill records ip
2.Methods of collecting personal information : (membership) homepage

Chapter 2, personal information and collection of purpose

Our enterprises ’ utilization is next for the purpose of the personal information collected.
1.A performance of a contract provision of services and service provider fee settlement, according to the content, purchasing, and for payment
2.Personal identification, instant membership management, identification, according to a subscription service member's children's personal information collected under the age of 14 million abuse prevention and protection against unauthorized use, Passed legal representative or confirmation agreement, and complaints processing, high ground changes and civil affairs
3.Used for the marketing and advertising
(product) Development of new services and specialized, events and other advertising services delivery, according to the demographic information and advertisements addressed access frequency, or of members Use of the statistics

Chapter 3, of personal data retention, and the service period

[on contract or the subscription and record-keeping]
- about in conservation cause : electronic commerce consumer protection laws and enforcement ordinance, Article 6 Article 6 (including business is the subject of a trading record to preserve)
- retention period : Five years

[preservation of records about the provision of payment and goods such as private]
- about electronic commerce in consumer protection laws and enforcement ordinance, Article 6 Article 6 (including business is the subject of a trading record to preserve)
- retention period : Five years

[Customer complaints or archive private about the settlement of disputes]
- about electronic commerce in consumer protection laws and enforcement ordinance, Article 6 Article 6 (including business is the subject of a trading record to preserve)
Three years - the preservation period :

[private conservation records of identification]
- Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection of the Act on the Enforcement Decree of 5 and article 29 (the identification measures) of the Article 44
- retention period : six months

[Website archive private visit]
- Communication Secrets Protection Act and Article 41 of the Enforcement Decree (The cooperation of a telecommunication operator obligations)
- retention period : 3 months

Chapter 4 of the revocation procedure and methods of personal data

My business is in principle and disposal that information without delay after the goal were using personal information.Revocation procedures and methodology is as follows :

1.Revocation procedures
The information you type - for membership, membership in the member after goal were transferred to a separate db (In the case of paper separate filing cabinets) and other relevant legislation on internal policy Stored a period of time (reference period of possession and use) according to private information protection by then be annihilated.
Individual information is under the law, except by the case removed to separate db not be used for purposes other than to be investigated.

2.Digging way
- to reproduce recorded personal information stored in electronic file types using technical measures that can not delete them.

Personal information in chapter 5

Our business users ’ personally identifiable information specified in clause beyond the scope not be used, offered to third parties.Only, make an exception in the case of below.
1.Users are given consent beforehand
2.Domain names that provided by the Agency Services (service whois)
3.If there are special regulations in the law.
4.Government agency requests to work on the business information provided under the applicable law

Chapter 6, collection of personal data entrusted

Our corporate customer of information without the consent of the customer not to outside companies.Customers for the next subjects, and the consignment referred services, content to such need arises and, if necessary, prior consent to my notice.

Chapter 7 of the user and legal agent's rights and how the event

User is registered at any time or modify their personal information join and can request a termination.
For users ' private information, modification, termination for (withdrawal agreement) joins a ‘changing the personal information’ (or members include information modification ’ ‘), click the "Membership Withdrawal" After reading myself, going through the identification process be corrected and withdraw.
You can contact by e-mail, phone or writing to or personal information management executive action without delay.
Informing us of error when you requested a correction in the correction of personal data had until completion of personal information by or does not provide.The result of corrections in an invalid already provided that third parties to the personal information to third parties shall report without delay a correction to be made.
The personal information that our company by users at the request of the termination or deleted "The company collected possession and use of personal information period" specified in this process it, and as provided under the Except for the use of the process to reading or not available.

Personal on automated information collection system installation, operation and its refusal to chapter 8

Our company stores your information from time to time and operate such as ‘Cookie (cookie)’ who found.
A cookie is used servers to your browser to run Web sites as tiny text files stored on your computer's hard disk.My business is cookies for the following purposes.

1.Intended use, including cookies,
Visiting hours – or the access of members and non-members after analyzing about tracking, trace and monitor users ' tastes and interests, participation in various events and visit to recovery identified Target marketing and personalized services through the cookies were authorized back with options for the installation.Thus, by setting up a rare option in a web browser, all verified each time, cookies are stored or allow cookies or storage of all cookies or rough Can refuse.

2.Cookie settings way rejection
E.g. membership, the way to resist the cookie settings or options by allowing all cookies in your web browser to use to store cookies every time Save all cookies, go through verification or to refuse.

3.Yes, (In the case of Internet Explorer) how seoljeong
Personal information click Internet options, tools at the top of the web browser : > >
However, your called can be difficulties in both cases of services by refusing to put a cookie.

A civil services in chapter 9 of private information

Protect the privacy of our corporate customers and handle complaints related to the personal information with concerned departments and private information below to specify and executive management DALY .

For customer service business Ministry : ps
Phone number : 1577-5678 1234
E-mail : help@COMPANY.COM

Individual information management statement, executive director : Kim Mi-young
Phone number : 1577-5678 1234
E-mail : help@COMPANY.COM

Complaints related to all personal data protection that occurs you deal the services of companies in the hygiency supervisor or to declare from the department in charge of personal information.To give answers to swiftly enough about our report from the people to use businesses.
Other reports of violations of personal information or advice agency, please make contact at the below if you need.
1.Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
2.Information security mark & Certification Committee (
3.Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office, Internet a criminal investigation centers (
4.Police Cyber Terror Response Center (