Is wireless speaker broadcasting system?


Administrative divisions of the country now has cable television system installed and operated broadcast system wired, but according to the aging of short circuit caused by natural disasters and maintenance repair have many difficulties to operating costs frequently occur.

As a solution according to multiple wireless broadcasting system business proposal!

The wireless broadcasting system is efficient and innovative Wireless system of the cutting edge for quickly and reliably communicate with residents at the country’s direction and administrative matters or a disastrous situation in each region.


Wireless Speaker Broadcasting System Patent No.10-0902158


Amplified from this technology is amplified audio signal wirelessly from a wired speaker amp, not to play them on through the voice issue at the speaker and send signals. The voice signal wirelessly receives about technology to recycle.

A system that depends on this technology, composed of the wireless transmitter division of wireless modulation with the amplified voice signal by antenna and voice amplify division of the amplify with the entered voice signal through the microphone. Incoming audio signal is basically a voice to voice amplify division from microphone signal, but phone interface interface (including a mobile phone) phone that’s coming through voice signals. Amplified the overall operation of user interface control transmission, the Ministry of transmitting amplifier division by providing role can also rig your letting the wealth.

In addition, The interface is the phone call to activate control transmission by the (ring tone signal) call signal amplifier by the Ministry of wealth a sound signal via phone Communicate the role at CONTROL.


Wireless Broadcasting future & Merit


Features & Merit

  • Available mobile phone broadcasting
  • high performance and long life
  • By applying high-performance radio systems Obstacle (Mountains, Islands) hold a high telekinesis
  • In harsh environments, able to achieve high performance by rugged construction (solar power generation system is being developed)
  • 4-5Km radius distance transmission of acquired technology
  • Randomly outsiders can not be broadcast without authentication system
  • Prevent interference with the system applied the correct broadcast time
  • Strict quality control on products
  • By using its own network, thus maintenance costs (communication expenses) does not need, its cost-effective system

Wireless Broadcasting application



  • Town Hall Broadcast •Disaster management system
  • Islands
  • Park
  • Military
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Coast
  • Fire prevention etc.
  • Overseas (China, Philippines, Thailand, etc)

Wireless broadcasting system compose


Broadcasting convergence system compose